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Off to bed. Tazzy discovered some grass today. That's pretty exciting...

On here, we don't have a set of "rules" that if someone obeys them, but is being a jerk, the answer isn't, "they didn't break any rules." If you're being a jerk, we'll do what we can to deal with it. Our instance block list on Gitlab is significantly out of date, and not sure it really matters. There's only me, @lead and one other person here. And that other person isn't active... Registration is open (at least it's supposed to be, let me know if you're having issues) but no registrations.

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Earlier today (nope yesterday) I wrote a bit about the "upcoming Autism Awareness Month" stuff which will be going on in April.

I haven't started to work on the start off of the month yet, because, I just wanted a quick reminder for now.

I'm thinking in the next few days that we'll start working on that. Maybe even tonight...

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We're going to be planning stuff for April, and hopefully be able to get a whole 30 things done for Autism Acceptance Month. The Patreon may be a bit slow this month as a lot of what we hope to be doing, will be just getting started on writing some stuff. The more I manage to do this month, the less I'll need to write with tight deadlines.

Oh dear, it smells like walk time in here... Let's go get some fresh air. 🤢

OK, off to bed. Oh, oops, it's past midnight... Night night...

We ended up being down for about 6.5 hours in the middle of the night.

I think things are back to a more stable state. We now have more processor speed, and more storage, as well as more memory, which I don't think we were coming that close to using up anyway.

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