I'm having an issue (and it's been ongoing) with guillotines.masto.host/ and the fact that the certificate is "invalid". I'm not sure how to contact anyone to fix this. Mind you, it looks like it's *intended* to be down. Perhaps I should just stop trying to federate at all. Seems all very "non-standard behaviour" to me.

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I think that last night I decided that there is a good reason to be running my own instance. It's not so much that it gives me anything that is of obvious benefit. But one benefit is that it helps me examine some of the issues that go on with the fediverse, because as an admin, you have to deal with them.

I'm going to head to bed. There's some stuff here that I probably should deal with, but I just don't know what to do.

Somebody has an odd definition of "majority" which *seems* to mean, "less than 50%..."

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Stuff been going on... I guess the people who have followed, I guess I'll share, @CuratorClassic and @Sapiencia

Curator Classic, I've known for a while, since I finally found a home on mastodon.art.

Sapiencia, has cool pictures, but I didn't try to read the Catalan (which explains why it didn't quite fit any language I could identify)... But still welcome. And plenty of great "media" I'd say...

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I have created a new video on Black women in video games. This one is not public yet. It will go public next month. Please enjoy.

You're taking in HOW MUCH money and you can't even get payments to the creators your whole business is built on in a reasonable fashion months after you know there's a problem? Really?

I have an odd habit of being irreverent. It's kind of how we deal with the world here. We often confuse people, and then some people actually get offended...

Well, you know what? We never meant to offend you, you too offense. Of course, sometimes we get annoyed too. So we'll try to step back before making rash decisions...

OK, I'd say we have settled down... I wish that things had settled down with feeling OK about everything.

Things have settled to a reasonable level of, "weirdness" here. It might not actually clean up the mess of the 6.5 hours of downtime, but at least I can say that the events aren't way off the top of what I can even understand...

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